Rabbanit Sara is a descendant of “HaBen Ish Chai”.  Her mother was named Nig’ia and her father was named David…..and so it was passed from mother to daughter “Segulat HaOferet”.


What is “Oferet”?

In the time of the Beit HaMikdash, it is stated that the worm, Shamir, with her mouth chiseled the stone for the Holy Temple. It was difficult to find a place to keep the Shamir. The most secure place to keep the Shamir was inside a box made of lead – Oferet.

When a person visits the Dentist and an x-ray needs to be taken an apron of lead is placed on the patient.  Why lead?  For protection.


The EYE – it is within the power of the eye to see and record from a great distance.  The sky which is thousands of kilometers from our eyes; our eyes still record it.  The only connection between a person’s face and his environment is his eye, therefore the eye wields great power and influence and can injure another person even if they are far from you.


Even though people are far from us they have the power to send negative energy which blocks what another person wishes to accomplish.  It is very worthwhile to cleanse oneself from things which aren’t good through “HaOferet” which as was stated, is very effective.

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