Bomb attack on 3 family members

Bomb attack on 3 family members

Aug 25, 2019
in Samaria kills 17-year-old Israeli girl

The 17-year-old daughter has died of the critical wounds which she sustained in the attack. She has been identified as Rina Shnerb.The family is from Lod, outside Tel Aviv.The 46-year-old father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, sustained moderate wounds and his 19-year-old son, Dvir, was seriously wounded. He underwent surgery at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.  The IDF on Saturday night continued to scour the West Bank for the Palestinians responsible for the bombing at the popular Ein Buvin water spring where the incident occurred.  During the manhunt, Ribhi Abu al Safa and Mohammed Abu al Safawere were arrested in the village of Ein Arik close to Ramallah.  Hamas member Israr Ma'arouf, a student at Birzeit University who has spent time in Israeli jails, was arrested in the nearby village of Ein Qiniya.  Details regarding the arrests and the identity of the three men were publicized on social media and in the Palestinian media. The IDF has not linked the trio to the attack, stating only that they were arrested during the manhunt and are now being interrogated.

On Friday morning, an improvised explosive device planted earlier at the Ein Buvin spring was remotely detonated by Palestinians as the Shnerb family approached.  An attack of this kind is an unusual occurrence in the West Bank, where terrorists tend to carry out shooting, ramming or knife attacks.

This was “a serious terror attack,” IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said. The military has still not determined if the terrorists acted as part of an established terror group or were working alone, he explained

While no group has claimed responsibility for Friday's attack, Hamas praised the attackers, saying that “today’s operation is proof of the vitality of our people, and their bravery and their failure to surrender to the crimes and terrorism of the occupation.” Dvir, who was seriously injured during the attack, regained consciousness and is communicating with those around him. During the attack, Eitan, who is also a paramedic, tried to help Rina but it was too late. Then he took off his tzitzit and made a tourniquet to patch up the wounded Dvir.

Rabbi Shnerb and his son cried for hours together as Dvir was told that his sister was murdered. Rabbi Shnerb described how moved he was to see Dvir return to life and that he told Dvir that they have no choice but to be strong. Dvir told his father: “I cannot imagine a world without Rina.”
Rabbi Shnerb said: “We are in pain, we cry and we mourn. But we also must live, be strong, and continue - as a family and as a nation.”

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